Handcrafted natural goods still exist

CLÉ translated in German means „Der Schlüssel“ and translated in English „The Key“. There is one more meaning for this name, it‘s a Brand founded by CLaudia and StÉphanie.

Yes, this is CLÉ as well.

Why do we reference to the French word CLÉ? Because we are sure that there will be a need for new keys in the future. Here are a few thoughts:

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In 2015 the Sustainable Development Goals where announced by the United Nations. This means the whole industry needs to find new solutions by 2030. CLÉ will not focus on textiles only but this is where demand exists.

The brand focuses on a new approach to the fashion market as a first key. Can you imagine a brand that offers thoughtful goods accessible for all kind of budgets? Believing in social justice which helps that working poor can buy the same goods as the 10% of the richest people on this planet? We are convinced it can work.

If the community is convinced, as well, we will act successful on the market as a brand and continue to develop the desired goods with our network of craftsmen. We as the owner and creative minds and all our partners will only continue if our working hours will be covered, fair and transparent. We will not maximize profits and we will not optimize any product margin. Instead we offer a full insight in the calculation, partnerships and supply chain.

If a surplus is generated, CLÉ will invest money into sustainable fonds and institutions. For example technical education for the employees of the factories, or supporting the supplier if a new machine is needed. We will support organizations and networks that advocate for women workers in all fields.

How to implement CLÉ’s vision?

Everyone who is willing to change to a more sustainable life will spend more time in finding the goods they really need. This is the first thing we believe in. It‘s not the marketing margin we need, it‘s the time our customer spend to find us. This helps to keep the price in an affordable range and we trust in the word of mouth propaganda. If the web page and social media platforms are well executed, we will be able to reach the community we would like to target.

To be more sustainable is also to use less. This includes e.g. less server space to stop flooding the Internet with content. To be precise, transparent and clear about the calculation this helps the customer to understand the value of the brand. We don‘t believe in stories we believe in long lasting favorites.

Social awareness is another key. Why is „sustainability“ only accessible to a luxury budget? As we are not willing to flood the market with 100 000 of items to lower costs in the long run we engage in changing habits to step out of the era of endless consuming goods. We demand from our community that people with a low income only have to pay for the material and manufacturing costs, while those with a better income support the brand by paying extra for the price they like. In sport classes, the system is known as the pay what you can model. This will help CLÉ to continue and to be able to develop additinoal goods based on the crowd founding idea.

For sure, this is not the standard economic way of thinking. Why coming up with such an out of the box idea?

Claudia asked Stéphanie in early September 2020 where she could buy a new, really warm winter coat. Her goal was an accessible price of 400CHF which is possible for many budgets. Stéphanie realized she had the knowledge and capabilities to make a 100% transparent, cruelty-free, and fair trade winter coat for Claudia that fit her needs for sustainability and style. In order to achieve the price, it was clear that we wanted to work mainly with European suppliers and producers. The focus was to be able to work with small family businesses that share a vision of sustainable production.

But why should we limit the knowledge to people who know Stéphanie personally? On the 26th of January Claudia and Stéphanie fitted the first sample of the coat and decided to open the idea to a wider range of people.

CLÉ, the key to a less consumption driven and more thoughtful future.

Our values

Natural fibers are key

CLÉ works as a supplier of goods that meet the requirements of the circular economy by using dead stock or upcycling existing raw materials.

Making a conscious decision

CLÉ has an open-minded, respectful, digitally connected, and intentional audience.

Step out of fast(fashion)

CLÉ offers long-lasting favorites that are practical, fit well into daily life and are easy to repair.

Behave respectfully everyday

CLÉ follows the crowdfounding principle and like to implement this way of engaging with its traget group into the everyday economy.

Enabling acces for all

CLÉ would appreciate the support to expand the offer with the two sizes, so that the entire target group can be reached soon.

Transparency without reservation

CLÉ want to give complete insight into the products because we stand wholeheartedly behind every decision.

Execution in product

Piz Naira
Piz Naira will guide us

CLÉ has a red thread, which is the nature that we love and want to take care of. Whenever a decision has to be made, the question is, can we reconcile this with our claim for a considerate approach to nature?

Naira Jacket Updates
Technology is key and not an enemy

CLÉ must be careful with time and budget. To achieve this goal, one must be able to make tough decisions and be willing to fearlessly use new technologies. Only in this way is it possible to save resources and materials in the longer term, which has a direct impact on our footprint. As a company and as a consumer.

Why not to learn new methods?

CLÉ has built a 3D model in order to be able to identify initial problems in the model and thus consciously save material and time. A first step.

Purchase process


Order window during June


Choose the product


Choose the color


Choose your size


Take the price that fits


Wait for the confirmation Email


Transfer within 24h by Twint or E-Banking


We confirm the order once the money is received


Order window during June


Between August und September


Serial production will start asap


Between August und September


Latest in October


Final goods will arrive in the Headquarter


Pick-up your order on a nice date with the foundress


Ask us to send you the order by post


Latest in October

The Naira Coat

Naira Jacket
Already produced colors:
Fir Wood
Iron Ore

True cost
Size info

Size 2 is a suitable size for the main European average person up to 175cm

The dropped shoulder design and a comfortable loose fit help to gather a bigger group of customer to supply with only 3 sizes.

The biggest issue is the sleeve length. Therefore, Size 3 means you are tall or you have wide shoulders so you need the added volume and length. Size 1 is for the shorter people and also more skinny people where the regular sleeves normally are too long. All other persons should be fine with Size 2.

Size 1 and Size 3 will be added from 2022 onward.


We try to give production as much time as possible, which is a new approach for the textile industry. We want to establish sustainability at all levels and the manufacturer is as important as the suppliers.

We decided to produce the coat at the Kosara company as a trusted and very experienced manufacturer located in Smolyan, Bulgaria. A family business that has been producing garments for small and big brands since 1995 and puts great emphasis on craftsmanship. Our overall cost wishes have presented us with many challenges. One of them is very close to our hearts. We do not want to exploit anyone. That is why we do not pay dumping prices in manufacturing. Unfortunately, producing the coat in Switzerland is outside of an average budget.

Material sourcing

After Claudia expressed her wishes in terms of coat shape and length, Stéphanie considered which materials would be most suitable. With the claim it should be the warmest coat that Claudia will own, an important point was defined.

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We can work with down feathers, but there we have many tasks ahead of us, which will hardly be feasible for a small brand and factory with custom-made products. Filling the down into the down bag is only one of the problems, besides the origin of the material, the preparation etc.

Since by nature many of the natural raw materials have breathable and warming as well as cooling properties and can also absorb a lot of moisture without feeling wet, these were all points that were decisive for the decision.

Cotton with a durable water repellent finish (PFC Free) does not replace a full plastic rain coat, but that is not the claim we pursue. Wool as heat insulation can absorb a lot of moisture, the disadvantage it is not as light as down feathers, but we do not pursue the goal of a packable or lightweight product. For the lining silk came without much hesitation on the shortlist, because it is super heat-regulating and thus should prevent you from sweating. Since silk is not the most tear-resistant material, the question was how will the material perform in the first 3 prototypes? After a winter of testing, we can say we are thrilled!

That was the kick-off to contact the manufacturers who are leaders in the respective field.

Shell fabric 100% Cotton

CLÉ will work with Stotz & Co fabrics as a trusted and very experienced supplier.

Why cotton? Stotz started developing fabrics for uniforms in the 1930s. Cotton is very stable, abrasionresistant and has very good breathability.

Twill 180

100% Cotton made from extra long staple fibers. Using the leftover fabric Stotz is offering on request. This helps to get premium quality material with PFC-free impregnation that otherwise will be waste.

Ventile L24 Org

100% Cotton made from GOTS certified extra long staple fibers. Using the Ventile Organic fabric Stotz is offering in stock. The Eco line is made of certified organic cotton with PFC-free impregnation.

Ventile Twill 210

100% Cotton made from extra long staple fibers. Using the leftover fabric Stotz is offering on request. This helps to get premium quality material with PFC-free impregnation that otherwise will be waste.

Pillow fabric 100% Cotton

CLÉ will work with Stotz & Co fabrics as a trusted and very experienced supplier.

Why is there a need for Pillow Fabric? To prevent the fine fibers from migrating from the cotton inside to the outside of the jacket, they have to be sewn into a pillow. Very fine, tightly woven cotton offers the perfect conditions to not restrict breathability and to keep the fibers inside the pillow.

Ventile Dry 101 Org

100% Cotton made from GOTS certified extra long staple fibers. Stotz offers the poplin dense fabric Ventile Dry 101 Org in stock. A very tight woven cotton fabric that is a great pillow fabric having all parameters to be breathable and avoid fiber migration.

Padding 100% Wool

CLÉ sources the padding from Muntagnard, a new company offering innovative Swiss material developments.

Why a wool lining? Because Swiss sheep's wool is not a fine and soft wool, it is hardly considered for textiles. This is a pity because this material can absorb so much moisture without feeling wet. It is not as light as down feathers, but can be processed very well. The Swiss wool has a very fluffy and puffy look and feel. That's why it's the perfect material for CLÉ, which we can use for the warmest jacket for the cold winter.

Bündner Wolle

Muntagnard developed the fleece padding made from Swiss sheep produced by Lavalan. Since Muntagnard has the material in a large amount of meters available and agree to collaborate this is a great option to leverage synergies.

Lining 100% Silk

CLÉ will work with Fabric Frontline Fabrics as a trusted and very experienced supplier.

Why a silk lining? Because silk naturally regulates heat. This great property keeps you from sweating and in combination with the other natural layers, the heat is automatically regulated.

Fabric Frontline is known for their luxurious silk fabrics. Because it is a natural raw material, small impurities sometimes occur. These minor errors which do not fulfill the quality standards are sorted out for sale, making this top quality material with its small imperfections the perfect match for the lining for our jacket.

Remaining stock silk

Fabric Frontline is known for their luxurious silk fabrics. Because it is a natural raw material, there are unfortunately material impurities, which is sorted out for sale. This top material with small blemishes fits perfectly as the lining for our jacket.

Closure 100% Cotton and 100% Metal

CLÉ will work with YKK as a trusted and very experienced supplier.

Why do we use a metal zipper? The warmest jacket needs a good closure, otherwise the wind will blow in. When the jacket has reached the end of its life, the zipper teeth can be cut off and the cotton tape can biodegrade with the jacket.

Metal Zipper Silver

These zippers are made to our order in the production of YKK. We only buy what we really need. All zipper tapes are natural white and may take on a little of the colour of the shell fabric when washed.

Closure 100% Metal

CLÉ will work with PRYM as a trusted and very experienced supplier.

Why do we use metal snap fasteners to sew on? Because these buttons can be easily repaired and replaced. At the end of the jacket's life, the buttons can be removed and returned to the cycle in metal recycling.

Metal Press Buttons 17mm Silver

The snap fasteners can be ordered in small quantities directly from stock, so we can always order only the material we really need.

Trims 100% Cotton

CLÉ will work with Gütermann as a trusted and very experienced supplier.

Why do we use cotton yarn? We want to make our product 100% biodegradable and that means that the threads also have to meet this requirement. Cotton is the finest and most tear-resistant thread among natural fibres. It is soft and has a natural sheen.

Cotton sewing yarn

We can order matching colours from Gütermann's Stock Service. We make sure that we only order what we really need.

Trims made in Brass

CLÉ will work with Cut Center as a trusted and very experienced supplier.

Why do we use brass labels? Because brass is a precious metal that is more than 50% recycled and can go 100% back into the cycle.

Brass main label

We use the leftover material from large productions with our small orders at the Cut Centre.

The Foundress



in 10 words:



Claudia has a master of science in civil engineering. She is a passionate windsurfer, mountain biker and snowboarder, as well as a mother of two kids.


Claudia is responsible for developing new ideas for products, such as the Naira coat. She will interact with the community, present and promote our new ideas. This involves understanding which products should be launched next or if we should look for a vegan version of an existing product, for example.


Due to her experience in testing clothes as a penguin powderwear ambassador she is used to think about functionality, quality and design of garments.


As we will keep the needed manpower to the necessary minimum the workload will be manageable alongside her job and personal life.


Claudia has many ideas and can describe them very accurately. That makes teamwork efficient.



in 10 words:



Stéphanie has a diploma in Fashion Design and finished an apprenticeship as a dressmaker. She is a passionate skier, free rider and hiker.


Stéphanie brings in all the skills related to design, material sourcing and manufacturing knowledge. She disposes on a powerful network of international experts from the most diverse fields of design, development and production.


Since 2012 Stéphanie works as an entrepreneur for smaller and bigger brands in the sport and textile industry. She understands the difficulties related to production and distribution.


Because of Stéphanie’s expertise and business contacts, CLÉ can start the business immediately. This can save a lot of research time. Her experience and knowledge help a lot in bringing “impossible” ideas to life.


Stéphanie is excited about people like Claudia who ask unusual questions to help pushing boundaries.